Data Management

Because data concerning oil and gas development are frequently difficult to access, often fragmented, and exist in disparate formats, it is difficult and extremely time consuming for scientists, the public, and other stakeholders to access, compile, and evaluate information.

The data management team bridges this knowledge gap by creating an integrated data management system for our research network to provide fundamental services for the preservation, discovery, access, analysis, and synthesis of data generated across different sites and research domains. The team will also make this infrastructure operational and available through innovative web-based outreach systems to our internal research team and then to the general public, policy makers, and the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, the AWG Data Management Team has been involved in a national-scale effort to enhance accessibility, discoverability, and utility of oil & gas data resources to benefit all stakeholders. Learn more about the effort here. 

Above: the AWG Data Portal.

Role in Overall Project

  • Create an inter-operable, accessible, and explorable data management system to integrate the heterogeneous data generated by this project and other sources,
  • Integrate the data system with the citizen science efforts, and
  • Assist in the integration of physical and social sciences to develop decision support tools for the development of regulations and best management practices in the oil and gas industry.