Decision Analysis Research

Policymakers often seek to regulate activities like hydraulic fracturing in order to protect the public welfare and also ensure that communities can benefit from the activity. This team seeks to provide scientific decision support to elucidate regulations associated with unconventional oil and gas development.

Above: the general approach of the Decision Analysis team to assessing setback distance.


The main approach of the team’s work is to combine data from SRN researchers and the larger community, quantitative simulation models, and advanced optimization algorithms in order to create a policy analysis framework associated with oil and gas regulation.

  • To provide a decision support system for regulation of oil and gas development, including the exploration of multi-objective tradeoffs that balance competing objectives for oil and gas development.
  • To integrate scientific information from network teams to gather information that informs a decision support system for regulation of oil and gas development.
  • Advancing innovative means of visualizing the tradeoff information and interacting with public stakeholders and decision makers.

Role in overall AWGSRN projects

This team has an integral role in the network’s research, by combining the investigations of the other teams into an actionable framework for informing policy and regulation. The decision support system we develop will be critically important for creating usable recommendations to stakeholders, decision makers, and the broader scientific community.