Education and Outreach

Hydraulic fracturing is a highly contentious issue, and trusted sources of information about the impacts and benefits are difficult to find. Scientific research is making strides to catch up with rapidly expanding unconventional oil and gas development, in part, to meet the need for information for policy, regulation, and public interest. The AWG education and outreach team is working with K-12 educators through several programs: a yearlong teacher professional development program, a rural classroom air quality monitoring program, and a community partnership grant program. Each program brings together scientists and educators in different environments such as the classroom, online learning, in-person workshops, and community lectures. The AWG team is presenting best practices for developing and implementing a viable outreach and education program through building and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that bridge the gap between scientists and the public.


The AirWaterGas Education and Outreach team strives to create resources and programs that foster evidence-based public discussion and deeper understanding of oil and gas development. Our goal is to design and field-test productive and substantive ways to deal with key questions of sustainability surrounding oil and gas development activities. The team aims to both bring AWG SRN research to stakeholders and to engage stakeholders in conversations about actual and perceived risks surrounding oil and gas development.