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AWG Education and Outreach
The AirWaterGas Education and Outreach team strives to create resources and programs that foster evidence-based public discussion and deeper understanding of oil and gas development.

If you are interested in inviting an AirWaterGas researcher to speak at a community event or visit your classroom, please contact Katya Hafich, the AirWaterGas Education and Outreach Coordinator, at 303-492-9113 or

Current Projects

The AirWaterGas Teacher Professional Development Program

Eight Colorado secondary science educators participated in a year-long program that includes three six-week online courses during the 2014-2015 school year and a month-long residency in Boulder Colorado to develop curriculum using AWG research. The goal of the program was to prepare teachers to tackle the topics of climate change and issues surrounding oil and gas extraction with their students.

Resources Developed by AirWaterGas Teams

A repository of resources developed by the AWG researchers, such as reports, presentations, and videos.

Education and Outreach Community Grants

Requests for Proposals were held in 2014 and 2015 for K-12 and community-led projects that improve awareness of sustainable pathways for energy development. Projects focus on citizen science initiatives, project-based learning, the interface of science and policy issues, or other energy-related topics that have relevance for your school, organization, and/or community.

AQIQ – Air Quality InQuiry Program

AirWaterGas researchers have developed next-generation air quality monitoring systems to monitor CO2, NOx, and ozone. Students and teachers in the Delta County School District are using the system and piloting curriculum for project-based learning about air quality in rural areas.

Past Projects

FrackingSENSE Series

The Center of the American West, Boulder County, and the AirWaterGas Research Network held a lecture series in 2013 and Spring 2014 featuring speakers with expertise on natural gas development. Find videos and podcasts of the lecture series here.


AirWaterGas Research Network members compiled a glossary for citizen-explorers bravely entering the controversy over hydraulic fracturing. The glossary aims to explain industry jargon, the roles of key actors in oil and gas development, and several common acronyms. Find the glossary here.